The Bacchae



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Harmonia Character Analysis

Harmonia is Cadmus’ wife. She never appears on stage, but Dionysus banishes her and Cadmus to a bizarre fate: they will be turned into snakes and eventually return to Greece leading hordes of barbarians. Although this will put them in danger, the gods will deliver them to the “Land of the Blessed.”
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Harmonia Character Timeline in The Bacchae

The timeline below shows where the character Harmonia appears in The Bacchae. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Lines 1023 - 1392
Disguise, Deception, and Identity Theme Icon
Gods and Mortals Theme Icon
Order vs. Irrationality Theme Icon
Violence Theme Icon
Dionysus appears, “revealed as a god.” He tells Cadmus that he and his wife, Harmonia, will be turned into snakes, “drawn by oxen in a cart,” and “lead a barbarian... (full context)