The Browning Version

The Browning Version Characters

Andrew Crocker-Harris

Andrew Crocker-Harris is the protagonist of the play. He is a taciturn, middle-aged teacher of Classics and has clearly had his spirit worn down over the years. There is no love left in his marriage… (read full character analysis)

Millie Crocker-Harris

Millie is Andrew’s younger wife who over the years has grown increasingly bitter towards her husband. She maintains an air of gracious civility with all who visit their apartment but treats Andrew with callous… (read full character analysis)

John Taplow

Taplow is one of Andrew’s Classics students. He is the first character to appear in the play, summoned to the Crocker-Harrises’ flat to do extra work due to his absence from a lesson the… (read full character analysis)

Frank Hunter

Frank Hunter is the dynamic young science teacher who is having an affair with Millie Crocker-Harris. He is well-liked by the pupils at the school but fears that his relationship with them is too… (read full character analysis)

Dr. Frobisher

Dr. Frobisher is the school headmaster. He has a charming if somewhat superficial manner and primarily serves to deliver two items of bad news to Andrew. The first is that Andrew has been refused… (read full character analysis)
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Peter Gilbert

Peter Gilbert is the fresh-faced young teacher set to take over Andrew’s apartment in the new school term. He expresses to Andrew his nervousness at the teaching work to come, and clumsily lets slip… (read full character analysis)

Mrs. Gilbert

Mrs. Gilbert is the young woman married to Peter Gilbert. While she doesn’t say much in the play, what she does say generally demonstrates an enthusiastic attitude to life with a hopeful attitude towards… (read full character analysis)