The Good Earth


Pearl Buck

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Yang Character Analysis

Wang Lung discovers that his eldest son has been visiting this prostitute along with his uncle’s son. She’s known for being cheap and serving the common people of the town, so Wang Lung particularly doesn’t want his son going to her. Wang Lung visits Yang where she lives in the deserted House of Hwang to ask her to turn his son away. Her presence there shows how far the Hwangs’ fortunes have fallen.
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Yang Character Timeline in The Good Earth

The timeline below shows where the character Yang appears in The Good Earth. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 23
Rich vs. Poor Theme Icon
Social Status Theme Icon finally frightened by Wang Lung’s anger and admits that they went to a prostitute (Yang) who lives in the remains of the great house (the House of Hwang). Wang Lung... (full context)
Rich vs. Poor Theme Icon
The Oppression of Women Theme Icon
Social Status Theme Icon the rooms. It’s all dirty. Wang Lung asks the way to the whore named Yang, but when he knocks on her door she says she’s not working now. He keeps... (full context)