The Hungry Tide

The Hungry Tide


Amitav Ghosh

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The Hungry Tide: Part 1: Pursued Summary & Analysis

As Fokir struggles to keep the boat steady in the fast-moving water, Piya decides to check the water's depth. As she puts her hand into the water to lower the sound, Fokir yells, races for her, and pulls her back into the boat. Two pairs of crocodile jaws immediately shoot up out of the water where Piya's hand was. The crocodiles slam themselves into the boat, and Fokir hits them on the head with an oar. Finally, the crocodiles disperse, and Fokir rows away. After twenty minutes, Fokir stops to rest and says, "Lusibari?" Piya agrees it's time to go.
Fokir's quick action indicates that he definitely knew that the crocodiles were around, suggesting that he's far more connected to the natural world (like Horen is) than an outsider like Piya is. In turn, this is certainly how Fokir manages to so successfully survive out in the jungle, even despite not spending nights in groups that help insure safety.
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