The Yellow Wallpaper


Charlotte Perkins Gilman

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The Yellow Wallpaper Characters

The Narrator

An upper middle class woman, recently a mother, who seems to be suffering from post-partum depression. One line from the tale’s conclusion suggests that her name is Jane, although there is some dispute among scholars… read analysis of The Narrator


The narrator’s husband. He is a physician of high standing, and becomes doctor to his wife. He is extremely practical, rejects superstition, and is interested only in physical facts. This leads him to dismiss his… read analysis of John
Minor Characters
Jennie is John’s sister, who acts as housekeeper in their summer home, and also seems to serve as a caretaker to the narrator. She is described as enthusiastic in her duties, and worried for the well-being of her sister-in-law.
The nanny, who takes care of the couple’s baby.