To Kill a Mockingbird


Harper Lee

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Mrs. Grace Merriweather Character Analysis

According to Scout, Miss Merriweather is the most devout lady in Maycomb. She’s a Methodist and leads the mission group. She’s shocked by the “sin and squalor” that African tribes live in, and she takes major offense to the fact that black people in Maycomb can’t move on after Tom Robinson’s trial.

Mrs. Grace Merriweather Quotes in To Kill a Mockingbird

The To Kill a Mockingbird quotes below are all either spoken by Mrs. Grace Merriweather or refer to Mrs. Grace Merriweather. For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it (each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one:
Good, Evil, and Human Dignity Theme Icon
Chapter 24 Quotes

“Oh child, those poor Mrunas,” she said, and was off. Few other questions would be necessary.

Mrs. Merriweather's large brown eyes always filled with tears when she considered the oppressed. “Living in that jungle with nobody but J. Grimes Everett,” she said. “Not a white person'll go near 'em but that saintly J. Grimes Everett.”

Related Characters: Mrs. Grace Merriweather (speaker), Jean Louise Finch (Scout)
Page Number: 263
Explanation and Analysis:
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Mrs. Grace Merriweather Character Timeline in To Kill a Mockingbird

The timeline below shows where the character Mrs. Grace Merriweather appears in To Kill a Mockingbird. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 24
Good, Evil, and Human Dignity Theme Icon
Growing Up Theme Icon
...with Calpurnia and Aunt Alexandra’s missionary circle. She sits in the kitchen and listens to Mrs. Grace Merriweather report on the Mruna people, who apparently have earworms, no family, and get drunk on... (full context)
Growing Up Theme Icon
Courage Theme Icon
...tightly when Miss Stephanie says that Scout isn’t girly enough. To be polite, Scout asks Mrs. Merriweather what they studied. Mrs. Merriweather goes on about the Mruna people and the missionary J.... (full context)
Prejudice Theme Icon
Small Town Southern Life Theme Icon
Mrs. Merriweather then goes on to say that she hates when black people sulk, as it ruins... (full context)
Good, Evil, and Human Dignity Theme Icon
Prejudice Theme Icon
Mrs. Merriweather speaks poorly of desegregation efforts as Scout thinks that if she were the Governor of... (full context)
Growing Up Theme Icon
Courage Theme Icon
...Alexandra and Miss Maudie serve. She picks up a plate of cookies, offers one to Mrs. Merriweather , and thinks that if Aunt Alexandra can be a lady right now, she can... (full context)
Chapter 27
Prejudice Theme Icon
Small Town Southern Life Theme Icon their cellar (the only one in town), Maycomb decides to put on a carnival. Mrs. Merriweather composes a pageant about Maycomb County’s agricultural products and casts Scout to play the part... (full context)
Chapter 28
Prejudice Theme Icon
Backstage, Scout discovers that someone smashed her costume. Mrs. Merriweather fixes it and shoves Scout inside. Scout and Cecil sit and listen to Mrs. Merriweather... (full context)