Unpolished Gem


Alice Pung

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Uncle Frank Character Analysis

Alice’s uncle and Melanie’s father. Frank can’t seem to “escape the counter-effects of colonialism,” and he is ecstatic when Melanie marries a white man. He sees his son-in-law’s white skin as a sort of status symbol that will gain him respect from others. Frank’s opinions are a stark contrast from those of Alice’s mother, Kien, who believes that a white son-in-law (a “white ghost”) is the worst thing imaginable.
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Uncle Frank Character Timeline in Unpolished Gem

The timeline below shows where the character Uncle Frank appears in Unpolished Gem. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Part 5
Culture and Assimilation  Theme Icon
Melanie’s father loves her new husband. “The white skin did the trick” because Uncle Frank “can never escape the counter-effects of colonialism.” He tells the family that when Melanie takes... (full context)
Culture and Assimilation  Theme Icon
Family, Love, and Marriage Theme Icon
...a bowl of pasta. There is a huge spread of food across the grave, and Uncle Frank stands back and admires the marker. “Eight thousand dollars,” he says. “I helped pick it... (full context)