Watership Down


Richard Adams

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Fu Inlé Term Analysis

Any time after moonrise.
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Fu Inlé Term Timeline in Watership Down

The timeline below shows where the term Fu Inlé appears in Watership Down. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 3: Hazel’s Decision
The Epic Journey  Theme Icon
Home and Belonging Theme Icon
...try to get some other rabbits to join them, too, before they head out at fu Inlé —moonrise. (full context)
Chapter 30: A New Journey
The Epic Journey  Theme Icon
The rabbits pause to feed and rest before they head out again at fu Inlé . Hazel tries to appear confident and cheerful, but he can sense that the group... (full context)
Chapter 39: The Bridges
The Epic Journey  Theme Icon
After fu Inlé , the injured Bigwig slowly makes his way downstream with the help of Silver and... (full context)