Welcome to Our Hillbrow


Phaswane Mpe

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Liz is Lerato’s mother, who lived with Lerato’s father, Piet, until he was killed. She and Piet lived in a white suburb as a housekeeper and groundskeeper, but after Piet was murdered (while Liz was pregnant with Lerato), she moved back to the village of Alexandra, where she and Piet were from. Liz finds Lerato after Lerato dies by suicide, since Lerato was staying at her home in Alexandra at the time. She meets Piet and Lerato in heaven after they all die.

Liz (Lerato’s Mother) Quotes in Welcome to Our Hillbrow

The Welcome to Our Hillbrow quotes below are all either spoken by Liz (Lerato’s Mother) or refer to Liz (Lerato’s Mother). For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it (each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one:
Regret and Redemption Theme Icon
Chapter 3 Quotes

She told you what it meant to exist with the fear that one’s misdemeanor, one’s open-thighedness—as people would construe her behavior—would be uncovered; the anxiety at the prospect of facing an incredulous mother, whose heart would sink into the abyss of dismay on discovering, suddenly, that her much trusted daughter was, in effect, a murderess; of existing with her life clouded by constant brooding over what fellow University students would have to say about her sexual looseness, that had driven their beloved lecturer into the Dark Chamber of suicide.

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Liz (Lerato’s Mother) Character Timeline in Welcome to Our Hillbrow

The timeline below shows where the character Liz (Lerato’s Mother) appears in Welcome to Our Hillbrow. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 3
Regret and Redemption Theme Icon
Storytelling Theme Icon
...call from Terror. Terror, a cruel villager from Tiragalong, called Lerato and threatened to tell her mother that Refentše killed himself because Lerato had an affair. Terror had an old schoolboy grudge... (full context)
Storytelling Theme Icon
...South African village called Alexandra a little over 20 years ago. The movie begins with Liz, Lerato’s mother, when she is pregnant with Lerato. Piet kisses her goodbye. They live together... (full context)
Chapter 4
Prejudice and Ignorance  Theme Icon
Storytelling Theme Icon
Refilwe did not know anything about Piet, Liz, and Lerato’s story. All Refilwe knew was that Lerato lived in Hillbrow, which made her... (full context)