Welcome to Our Hillbrow


Phaswane Mpe

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Terror Character Analysis

Terror is a man from Tiragalong who knew Refentše when they were younger. Terror has a schoolboy hatred towards Refentše, blaming him for getting in trouble in school one day. Terror always used to try to sleep with Lerato, just to bother Refentše. After Refentše dies, Terror threatens to tell Liz, Lerato’s mother, that Lerato cheated on Refentše. This threat is part of the reason Lerato decides to die by suicide.
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Terror Character Timeline in Welcome to Our Hillbrow

The timeline below shows where the character Terror appears in Welcome to Our Hillbrow. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 3
Regret and Redemption Theme Icon
Storytelling Theme Icon
...also regrets that he was not alive to protect Lerato from a phone call from Terror. Terror, a cruel villager from Tiragalong, called Lerato and threatened to tell her mother that... (full context)