White Noise


Don DeLillo

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One of Jack’s daughters. Bee, who comes from Jack’s marriage to Tweedy Browner, does not live with Jack and Babette. Because of Tweedy’s insistence that it is good for children to travel, Bee travels from Indonesia—where she was staying with her stepfather, the undercover spy Malcom Hunt—to visit Jack for Christmas. Bee’s adult mannerisms unnerve Jack and make him feel observed and judged.
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Bee Character Timeline in White Noise

The timeline below shows where the character Bee appears in White Noise. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 18
Uncertainty and Authority Theme Icon
Consumer Culture and Identity Theme Icon
Jack goes to the airport in Iron City to pick up his daughter Bee, who is visiting for Christmas. Instead of finding her there when he arrives, though, he... (full context)
Fear, Death, and Control Theme Icon
Before Bee’s plane lands, a number of passengers from another flight arrive looking haggard and disturbed. When... (full context)
Chapter 19
Uncertainty and Authority Theme Icon
Consumer Culture and Identity Theme Icon
Bee’s presence gives the family a certain double-consciousness. Jack feels that he can’t help but see... (full context)
Fear, Death, and Control Theme Icon
After Christmas, Jack drops Bee off at the airport again. On his way back, he gets off of the expressway... (full context)