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Neil Shubin

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Sir Richard Owen Character Analysis

The leading anatomist in the mid-1800s, who gathered and classified thousands of animal specimens from Africa, contributed to the discovery of fossils in England, and pioneered the field of comparative anatomy with his study of exotic creatures. Owen saw the essential similarity of animal limbs as a sign of Divine Order in creation.

Sir Richard Owen Quotes in Your Inner Fish

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Similarities Between All Animals Theme Icon
Chapter 2 Quotes

Some fish, then, had structures like those in a limb. Owen's archetype was not a divine and eternal part of all life. It had a history, and that history was to be found in Devonian age rocks…

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Sir Richard Owen Character Timeline in Your Inner Fish

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Chapter 2: Getting A Grip
Similarities Between All Animals Theme Icon
History of Life  Theme Icon
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Sir Richard Owen , one of the most famous anatomists of the 1800s, also believed in a divine... (full context)
Chapter 10: Ears
History of Life  Theme Icon
Scientific Discovery Theme Icon
...and incus bones gradually moved from the jaw in reptiles to the ear in mammals. Richard Owen , the anatomist, then appears again, this time cataloguing small dog-sized reptiles found in South... (full context)