Your Inner Fish


Neil Shubin

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Placazoan Term Analysis

One of the most primitive creatures with a body, placazoans were discovered when they developed on the walls of an aquarium in the 1880s. Though they are flat plate shaped disks that only have four different types of cells, placazoans show the division of labor between cells to qualify as an actual multi-cellular body. Some cells take care of movement while others handle digestion of food. Placazoans have never been observed in a natural habitat.
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Placazoan Term Timeline in Your Inner Fish

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Chapter 7: Adventures in Bodybuilding
History of Life  Theme Icon
...on the glass walls of the fish tanks. This blob is now known as a placazoan, a very simple creature with only four different types of cells in its plate-shaped body.... (full context)
History of Life  Theme Icon
Understanding Complex Concepts Through Simple Analogies Theme Icon
Scientific Discovery Theme Icon
Going even further back, sponges have bodies that are simpler than placazoans. The “body” of a sponge is actually a non-living silica complex with collagen interspersed. In... (full context)
Scientific Discovery Theme Icon
Placazoans and sponges are as simple as bodies can get. To find out anything more, Shubin... (full context)