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Henry VI, Part 2

Henry VI, Part 2 Translation Act 4, Scene 5

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Enter SCALES upon the Tower, walking. Then enter two or three Citizens below


How now! Is Jack Cade slain?


What's this? Is Jack Cade dead?


No, my lord, nor likely to be slain; for they have won the bridge, killing all those that withstand them: the lord mayor craves aid of your honour from the Tower, to defend the city from the rebels.


No, my lord. Nor is he likely to be killed, because they have taken over London Bridge, killing everyone who stood in their way. The lord mayor requests your help from the Tower, to defend the city from the rebels.


Such aid as I can spare you shall command; But I am troubled here with them myself; The rebels have assay'd to win the Tower. But get you to Smithfield, and gather head, And thither I will send you Matthew Goffe; Fight for your king, your country and your lives; And so, farewell, for I must hence again.


I'll help as much as I can. But I am also struggling to hold them off here. The rebels are trying to conquer the Tower. But go to Smithfield and raise an army there, and I will send Matthew Goffe along with you. Fight for your king, your country, and your lives. And, so goodbye. I have to go back again!


Henry vi part 2
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