Henry VIII
Shakescleare Translation

Henry VIII Translation Act 5, Epilogue

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'Tis ten to one this play can never please All that are here: some come to take their ease, And sleep an act or two; but those, we fear, We have frighted with our trumpets; so, 'tis clear, They'll say 'tis naught: others, to hear the city Abused extremely, and to cry 'That's witty!' Which we have not done neither: that, I fear, All the expected good we're like to hear For this play at this time, is only in The merciful construction of good women; For such a one we show'd 'em: if they smile, And say 'twill do, I know, within a while All the best men are ours; for 'tis ill hap, If they hold when their ladies bid 'em clap.


It's almost certain that this play can't please everyone here. Some have come to relax and sleep for an act or two. But I'm afraid we've frightened those people with our trumpets. So of course they'll say the play's worthless. Others came to hear the city insulted and to cry out, "That's witty!" and we haven't done that either. So I fear the only good we'll hear about this play for now is from good women who like it because we've showed them a good woman. If they smile and say it'll do, I know that all the best men will be on our side. Because it won't do them any good not to clap when their wives tell them to.