All the Bright Places

All the Bright Places


Jennifer Niven

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Rosemarie Character Analysis

Rosemarie is Finch’s dad’s mousy, deferential second wife and Josh Raymond’s mom. Finch knows that his dad cheated on Finch’s mom with Rosemarie before his parents divorced, but it’s somewhat murky when Rosemarie and Finch’s dad’s relationship actually began. Eventually, Finch concludes that Rosemarie’s son, Josh Raymond, is actually Finch’s dad’s biological son, meaning that their relationship began at least nine years before the novel begins. Possibly because Finch cares so little about her, he makes few observations about Rosemarie’s personality over the course of the novel. She mostly embodies what Finch realizes is his dad’s vision of the “perfect wife.”
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Rosemarie Character Timeline in All the Bright Places

The timeline below shows where the character Rosemarie appears in All the Bright Places. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
3. Finch: Day 6 (still) of being awake
Community, Support, and Trust Theme Icon
...she’s still upset about the divorce; Finch’s dad left her for a younger woman named Rosemarie. Since then, Finch has tried to be pleasant and unobtrusive, which is why he pretends... (full context)
8. Finch: Day 8 of the Awake
Community, Support, and Trust Theme Icon
...Finch’s first dinner since before Thanksgiving—and his first in the home his dad shares with Rosemarie and Rosemarie’s son. Kate pulls up in front of a big house that looks like... (full context)
Community, Support, and Trust Theme Icon
Individuality and Identity Theme Icon
...dining room for dinner. Finch studies his stepbrother, Josh Raymond. Josh Raymond is tiny, like Rosemarie, and isn’t awkward like Finch was at that age. That makes Finch think that maybe... (full context)
21. Finch: Day 22 and I’m still here
Mental Health, Stigma, and Suicide Theme Icon
Language, Meaning, and Control Theme Icon
Finch knows something is wrong the moment he walks into Finch’s dad and Rosemarie’s house on Sunday. Rosemarie explains that Finch’s dad is in the basement, and Finch tells... (full context)
37. Finch: What follows
Mental Health, Stigma, and Suicide Theme Icon
Community, Support, and Trust Theme Icon
...and yells, “Come and get me.” Finch’s dad comes running, followed by Finch’s mom and Rosemarie, and he hurls Finch across the kitchen. Finch laughs and tells his dad he doesn’t... (full context)