Anxious People

Anxious People


Fredrik Backman

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London is the 20-year-old bank teller at the bank the robber attempts to rob. She’s deeply unhappy, lives most of her life online, and acts as though she’s about 14 years old, so she’s rude and dismissive to the robber and everyone else she encounters. However, when Ro invites her for coffee after the police let the witnesses go, the novel implies that London and Ro will become friends. London is also deeply moved when the robber writes her an apology letter in the weeks after the attempted robbery, though she refuses to admit how much it affects her until she’s much older.
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London Character Timeline in Anxious People

The timeline below shows where the character London appears in Anxious People. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 14
Mental Health and Connection Theme Icon
The Modern World Theme Icon
Jack begins his interview with a young woman named London by suggesting she sit in a chair, not on the floor. London snaps that her... (full context)
Chapter 15
The Modern World Theme Icon
...choosing a cashless bank—so when they wave the pistol around and slide a note to London asking for 6,500 kroner, London scoffs that the bank has no cash. The bank robber... (full context)
Chapter 16
The Modern World Theme Icon
Assumptions  Theme Icon
Back in the present, London’s witness interview continues. Jack asks if London can tell him anything specific about the robber’s... (full context)
Chapter 17
Parenting and Fear Theme Icon
The Modern World Theme Icon
Within minutes, the journalists are in front of the apartment building thanks to London; unable to speak civilly to the emergency phone operators and explain the situation, she posts... (full context)
Chapter 64
Mental Health and Connection Theme Icon
London steps out of the station a few minutes later, but she’s clearly anxious and lonely.... (full context)