As You Like It

As You Like It


William Shakespeare

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As You Like It Symbols

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A popular symbol for cuckoldry, supposedly grown on the heads of men whose wives have cheated on them, horns come up in conversation at various points in the play. Jaques, for instances, proposes that… read analysis of Horns


Ganymede, whose name Rosalind takes on as part of her disguise, was a divine Trojan hero, described in The Iliad by Homer as the most beautiful mortal in history. In one myth, Zeus abducts Ganymede… read analysis of Ganymede

Orlando’s Poems

Orlando expresses his love for Rosalind in the form of poems placed all about the forest. They allow him to speak his emotions without addressing Rosalind in person. The ubiquity of their placement around the… read analysis of Orlando’s Poems