As You Like It


William Shakespeare

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As You Like It: Act 2, Scene 2 Summary & Analysis

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The scene begins with Duke Frederick asking if anyone has seen his daughter and niece. The First Lord reports that Celia’s chambermaids put Celia to bed the night before but that her bed was found empty in the morning. The Second Lord enters and informs the Duke that Touchstone, too, is missing, and that Hisperia, Celia’s gentlewoman, thinks the girls are in the company of Orlando, because she’d heard them speaking fondly of him. Duke Frederick orders the lords to retrieve Orlando’s brother and send him to find Orlando.
Duke Frederick discovers that his orders were obeyed—Rosalind has indeed left the court—but that his command has resulted as well in the undesired consequence of his own daughter’s disappearance. Hisperia’s guess that the sisters are with Orlando, while mistaken at the time, foreshadows their later meeting in the forest.
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