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Candide: Chapter 13 Summary & Analysis

Upon arriving in Buenos Aires, Candide and Cunégonde are brought to meet Don Fernando, the Governor. Don Fernando takes a clear interest in Cunégonde, and when Candide asks him to officiate in their marriage, Don Fernando sends him away to review the soldiers. Don Fernando then proposes to Cunégonde, who asks for a little time to decide. She consults with the old woman, who advises her to marry Don Fernando, and use his power to help make Candide's fortune.
Don Fernando is yet another authority figure who uses his power to try to take possession of Cunégonde. Once again, the possession of women is central to the chaos and conflict of the novel, in the New World as in the Old. The old woman's pragmatic, even cynical plan comes from her long experience of life and its troubles, stressed in previous chapters.
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The old woman learns that an Alcade (magistrate) is about to land in Buenos Aires and arrest Candide for the murder of the Grand Inquisitor. The Alcade learned of the whereabouts of Candide and Cunégonde through the friar who stole their jewels and money in Spain. The old woman advises Candide to run away, and tells Cunégonde to stay, relying on Don Fernando to protect her.
Wealth and worldly goods bring Candide nothing but trouble throughout the novel. Here, the Inquisitor's jewels are what have lead to his discovery and second separation from Cunégonde.
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