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Candide: Chapter 27 Summary & Analysis

The next day, Cacambo arranges for Candide and Martin to be taken on a ship headed for Constantinople, where Cunégonde is a dishwasher and has lost her beauty. Candide and Martin debate whether or not it is possible to measure the relative unhappiness of individuals. Halfway through the voyage, Candide discovers that Pangloss and the Young Baron—thought dead—are slaves on the galley. As soon as they reach the shore, Candide pays the captain to release them. From there, Candide, Martin, Pangloss and the Baron set off to free Cunégonde.
For the second time, both Pangloss and the Baron are found alive after being thought dead. This happens as though in response to Candide and Martin's argument about relative unhappiness. As always, an event in the story comes along just in time to resolve a philosophical debate: in the next chapter, the misfortunes and unhappiness of the Baron and Pangloss will be compared.
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