Fast Food Nation


Eric Schlosser

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The McDonalds Brothers Character Analysis

The founder of the first McDonald’s “Speedee Service Restaurant” outside Los Angeles, California, the McDonalds brothers lent their name and expertise to early developments in burger stands. But it was not until Ray Kroc bought their restaurant and began franchising McDonald’s, in the 1960s, that the brand became ubiquitous in the United States—one of the largest corporations in the company, and a bellwether for the state of the American food-prep industry.
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The McDonalds Brothers Character Timeline in Fast Food Nation

The timeline below shows where the character The McDonalds Brothers appears in Fast Food Nation. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 1: The Founding Fathers
Diet, Nutrition, and Food Safety Theme Icon
Greed, Corporations, and “The Bottom Line” Theme Icon
Independence vs. the Social Contract Theme Icon
Bureaucracy and Complex Systems Theme Icon
Schlosser notes that Carl Karcher visited the San Bernardino “Speedee Service” location of the McDonald’s brothers , and imported some of their efficiency improvements to Carl’s Jr., which he reopened accordingly... (full context)