M. T. Anderson

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Feed: Part 4: 59.3% Summary & Analysis

Late at night, Titus gets a message from Violet. Violet has been listening to requiems and burial rites from around the world. She’s terrified of losing memories, and tells Titus that, since he’s the most important person in her life, she’s going to tell him everything. She proceeds to send him her memories, everything from her parents to her favorite foods. Instead of experiencing the memories, Titus ignores them. He drinks some water and then deletes everything she’s sent him. A while later, Violet chats Titus, asking, “what’s your answer about the weekend idea?” He has no idea what this means, and doesn’t answer. He just sits in bed, unable to sleep.
Titus’s behavior becomes increasingly callous and cruel. Instead of treasuring the memories Violet trusts him with, he deletes them without a second thought. He doesn’t want a deep emotional connection with his girlfriend—and in fact, he’s doing everything in his power to avoid such a connection. Perhaps this is because Titus’s society hasn’t prepared him for deep intimacy—and in many ways seems to actively discourage it.
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