Firekeeper’s Daughter

Firekeeper’s Daughter


Angeline Boulley

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Maggie is Lily’s mom, though at the time of Lily’s death, she hasn’t been involved in raising Lily for many years. Indeed, Lily often refers to herself as Maggie’s “practice baby”; after Lily, Maggie had another daughter who’s a bit younger than Lily, and in the present, she has two toddlers. Maggie was never supportive or particularly kind to Lily. She had multiple boyfriends and regularly took her emotional turmoil out on Lily when relationships didn’t go well. And though her role in or knowledge of it remains unclear, Lily was sexually abused while living with her mom. Despite Maggie’s faults, though, Auntie encourages Lily and Daunis to give Maggie grace: after all, Maggie’s mom was the only one of three sisters who didn’t commit suicide after suffering abuse in the residential schools.

Maggie Quotes in Firekeeper’s Daughter

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Chapter 11 Quotes

Auntie overheard us talking and sat us down. She talked about the boarding school that Granny June’s daughters had been scooped up and taken to. Years spent marching like soldiers and training to be household domestics. They had the Anishinaabemowin and cultural teachings beaten out of them. When they came back to Sugar Island, one of the girls had scarred palms that looked like melted plastic, and she ran into the woods at the sound of a kettle whistle. Her sister was afraid of men and had to sleep with her back against the wall. Auntie had told us, When you criticize Maggie, just remember she was raised by one of those sisters, the one who didn’t kill herself.

Related Characters: Daunis Fontaine (speaker), Auntie Teddie (speaker), Maggie, Lily, Granny June
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Maggie Character Timeline in Firekeeper’s Daughter

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Chapter 11
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On the second day, Lily’s mom, Maggie, arrives, insisting she had to buy her kids church clothes before she could come. Daunis... (full context)