Firekeeper’s Daughter

Firekeeper’s Daughter


Angeline Boulley

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Ryan is a boy who graduated with Daunis. He always acted like a stereotypical bigoted Zhaaganaash and would work Native kids up about treaty rights and differing hunting laws for Native and non-Native people. However, at a hockey game, Daunis overhears that Ryan is applying for Tribal membership, which he can do because his dad is Joey Nodin.
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Ryan Character Timeline in Firekeeper’s Daughter

The timeline below shows where the character Ryan appears in Firekeeper’s Daughter. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 26
Justice Theme Icon
Generational Trauma and Bigotry Theme Icon
Family and Community Theme Icon
...Grant or Ron. So, she sits and listens to people discuss a classmate of Daunis’s, Ryan, enrolling in the Tribe. Ryan is notorious for riling up Nishnaabs, but apparently his dad... (full context)