Henry V


William Shakespeare

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Henry V Characters

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Henry V

King of England. Though Henry V lived a wild, reckless youth (portrayed in Shakespeare’s Henry V “prequels” of 1 Henry IV and 2 Henry IV, he enters the play a changed man. His rise… read analysis of Henry V

Michael Williams

A common soldier who Henry V argues with while in disguise. The two exchange gloves, swearing to fight in the future. When Henry V eventually reveals himself, he pardons and rewards Williams even though Williams… read analysis of Michael Williams


Daughter of King Charles VI and Queen Isabel. Henry V requests her hand in marriage as part of the peace treaty at play’s end. She speaks with Henry in broken English, suspicious of his… read analysis of Katherine
Minor Characters
Lewis the Dauphin
Son of King Charles VI and Queen Isabel, the Dauphin is cocky and vengeful, sending Henry V the box of tennis balls to mock him and dismissing England as a feeble power. He is captured during the Battle of Agincourt.
Ancient Pistol
An irascible common soldier who steals and lies his way through the war and plans to steal and lie back in England.
The Chorus
Introducer of each of the play’s acts, summarizer of off-stage events, and frequent apologist for the theater’s limits in its ability to portray historical events.
King Charles
King of France. King Charles lacks the hot temper of his son the Dauphin and treats the English with moderation and caution. After the Battle of Agincourt, he agrees to all of Henry’s demands during peace negotiations and gives Henry his daughter Katherine in marriage.
Captain Fluellen
A Welsh officer in Henry V’s army, Fluellen pontificates at length about the Roman disciplines of war but is nevertheless courageous, loyal, and committed. He speaks with a thick Welsh accent.
Archbishop of Canterbury
An English archbishop and advisor to Henry V who convinces the king that his claim to France is God-given. In doing so, Canterbury hopes to (and does) divert the passage of a bill that would seize church property and give it to the king.
The previous page to Falstaff who laments the low morals of his new masters Pistol, Nym, and Bardolph. Boy is killed in the French defectors’ attack on the English camp.
Queen Isabel
Queen of France and wife of King Charles, Queen Isabel blesses the marriage between Katherine and Henry V, hoping it will eliminate future conflict between England and France.
Duke of Exeter
Henry V’s uncle and advisor who conveys Henry’s refusal to surrender to King Charles.
Earl of Westmoreland
An English earl whose professed wish for reinforcements at the Battle of Agincourt inspires Henry V to make a rousing speech.
Bishop of Ely
An English bishop who supports the Archbishop of Canterbury’s case before Henry V.
Henry, Lord Scroop of Masham
A conspirator against Henry V. Scroop was closest to the king and Henry V thus finds his treason the most painful.
Sir John Falstaff
The best friend and mentor to Henry V during Henry’s wild youth, Henry dropped Falstaff when he became king. Heartbroken, Falstaff dies at the beginning of the play and never appears onstage.
Duke of York
Henry V’s cousin, whose death during the Battle of Agincourt, as recounted by Exeter, brings Henry to tears.
Richard Earl of Cambridge
A conspirator against Henry V.
Sir Thomas Grey
A conspirator against Henry V.
Lieutenant Bardolph
A drunken common soldier and friend of Falstaff who is executed for stealing during the campaign against France.
Corporal Nym
A common soldier executed for stealing.
Hostess Quickly
Pistol’s wife who defends Falstaff’s character and was at one time engaged to Nym.
Sir Thomas Erpingham
A commander in Henry V’s army who lends Henry the cloak Henry uses as a disguise.
Duke of Burgundy
A French duke who helps negotiate the peace treaty between King Charles and Henry V.
A French herald who Henry V asks the name of and tips for his services.
Governor of Harfleur
Governor of the town of Harfleur who surrenders to Henry V.
The Constable of France
A French officer who joins the Dauphin in his cocky boastfulness and mockery of England.
Duke of Orléans
A French duke who joins the Dauphin in his cocky boastfulness and mockery of England.
Captain Gower
An English officer in Henry V’s army.
Captain Jamy
A Scottish officer in Henry V’s army, he speaks with a thick Scotch accent.
Captain MacMorris
An Irish officer in Henry V’s army, he speaks with a thick Irish accent.
John Bates
A common soldier who Henry V argues with while in disguise.
Alexander Court
A common soldier who Henry V meets while in disguise.
Katherine’s lady-in-waiting.
The French Ambassadors
Deliverers of the Dauphin‘s warning and the box of tennis balls to Henry V.
Duke of Bedford
Henry V’s younger brother.
Duke of Gloucester
Henry V’s younger brother.
Earl of Warwick
An English earl.
Earl of Salisbury
An English earl and a general.
Duke of Bourbon
A French duke.
Duke of Berri
A French duke.
Lord Rambures
A French lord.
Lord Grandpré
A French lord.
A British lord.
A British lord.
Duke of Brittany
A French lord.