Henry V


William Shakespeare

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Katherine Character Analysis

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Daughter of King Charles VI and Queen Isabel. Henry V requests her hand in marriage as part of the peace treaty at play’s end. She speaks with Henry in broken English, suspicious of his rhetoric and hesitant to accept his professions of love. She is betrothed to Henry with her parents’ blessing. She speaks with a French accent.

Katherine Quotes in Henry V

The Henry V quotes below are all either spoken by Katherine or refer to Katherine. For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it (each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one:
Kingship Theme Icon
Act 5, Scene 2 Quotes

But, before God, Kate, I cannot look greenly nor gasp out my eloquence, nor have I no cunning in protestation; only downright oaths; which I never use till urged, nor never break for urging.

Related Characters: Henry V (speaker), Katherine
Page Number: 5.2.148-152
Explanation and Analysis:

Your majestee ave fausse French enough to deceive de most sage demoiselle dat is en France.

Related Characters: Katherine (speaker), Henry V
Related Symbols: Accents
Page Number: 5.2.227-228
Explanation and Analysis:

Take her, fair son, and from her blood raise up
Issue to me; that the contending kingdoms
Of France and England, whose very shores look pale
With envy of each other’s happiness,
May cease their hatred.

Related Characters: King Charles (speaker), Henry V, Katherine
Page Number: 5.2.360-364
Explanation and Analysis:
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Katherine Character Timeline in Henry V

The timeline below shows where the character Katherine appears in Henry V. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Act 3, Prologue
Warfare Theme Icon
Appearances Theme Icon
...recounts, has delivered a message to Henry at Harfleur: King Charles offers Henry his daughter Katherine and a few scant, useless dukedoms as dowry. Refusing King Charles’ offer, Henry has launched... (full context)
Act 3, Scene 4
Language Theme Icon
In the French palace, Katherine asks her lady-in-waiting, Alice, in French, if Alice will give her an English lesson. Alice... (full context)
Act 5, Scene 2
Kingship Theme Icon
Warfare Theme Icon
...Queen Isabel, bringing along Exeter, Bedford, Warwick, Gloucester, Clarence, and Westmoreland. The Duke of Burgundy, Katherine, and Alice are also present. King Charles and Queen Isabel welcome Henry warmly and the... (full context)
Appearances Theme Icon
Language Theme Icon
Henry V tries to woo Katherine and the two engage in a comical exchange in French and English, with Alice attempting... (full context)
Kingship Theme Icon
England Theme Icon
Appearances Theme Icon
Language Theme Icon
...Bedford, Warwick, Gloucester, Clarence, and Westmoreland. The Duke of Burgundy asks Henry V about wooing Katherine and the two engage in an innuendo-laced exchange about courting tactics. King Charles announces that... (full context)