Hillbilly Elegy


J. D. Vance

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Big Red Character Analysis

A truck driver who, while making a delivery, told Uncle Pet, “Off-load this now, you son of a bitch.” Uncle Pet warned him against speaking like that about his mother, but Big Red refused to back down. Consequently, Pet beat him unconscious and took an electric saw to his skin. Although he almost bled to death, Big Red didn’t press charges against Pet because “he knew what it meant to insult a man’s mother.”
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Big Red Character Timeline in Hillbilly Elegy

The timeline below shows where the character Big Red appears in Hillbilly Elegy. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 1
The Hillbilly Identity Theme Icon
...stories when he visited Jackson. One story, for example, spoke of a truck driver called Big Red . When Big Red was delivering a shipment and told Uncle Pet, “Off-load this now,... (full context)