Hillbilly Elegy


J. D. Vance

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Brian Character Analysis

A teenager from Kentucky who reminds Vance of himself as a fifteen-year-old. Like Bev, Brian’s mother is addicted to drugs. Furthermore, he has a complicated relationship with his father. Not long after Vance took Brian out to a fast-food restaurant, his mother died. Vance uses Brian’s story as a way of considering what will happen to Appalachia’s young people who seem to have no opportunities available to them.
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Brian Character Timeline in Hillbilly Elegy

The timeline below shows where the character Brian appears in Hillbilly Elegy. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Upward Mobility and Personal Agency Theme Icon
Religion and Education Theme Icon
Recently, Vance took a teenager named Brian out to lunch at a fast-food restaurant. Brian reminds Vance of himself as a fifteen-year-old,... (full context)