Journey’s End


R.C. Sherriff

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Journey’s End Characters


The Captain of an infantry company stationed in the trenches of St. Quentin, France during World War I. Stanhope is a young man, but he has already seen three years of combat and has gained… read analysis of Stanhope


A young officer fresh out of school. Raleigh went to the same school as Stanhope, who is several years older than him. As such, he has always admired Stanhope—so much so that he asked… read analysis of Raleigh


The second-in-command to Stanhope. Osborne is a bit older than the other soldiers, but he is well-liked. In fact, he actually helps keep Stanhope—his superior—psychologically grounded, making sure to take care of his friend… read analysis of Osborne


An officer in Stanhope’s infantry. Hibbert is so afraid of dying in the trenches that he pretends to suffer from an acute case of neuralgia (intense nerve pain). He seizes every opportunity to talk… read analysis of Hibbert


An officer in Stanhope’s infantry. Trotter is jovial, irreverent, and gluttonous, frequently giving Mason—the cook—a hard time about the food served in the dugout. Although Trotter provides primarily comedic relief in Journey’s Endread analysis of Trotter
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The second-in-command officer stationed in Stanhope’s trenches before Osborne and his group take over. Before Hardy leaves, he overlaps with Osborne so that he can “hand off” the duties and fill Osborne in on… read analysis of Hardy


The officers’ cook. Mason is very obedient, constantly trying to accommodate the often ridiculous requests of people like Trotter, who have unrealistically high culinary expectations. Still, Mason strives to provide the officers with the… read analysis of Mason

The Colonel

Stanhope’s immediate superior. The Colonel is the one who tells Stanhope to expect the large German attack on March 21st. He is also the person who informs Stanhope of the high-ranking generals’ decision to… read analysis of The Colonel
Minor Characters
The Sergeant-Major
A large man who ranks below Stanhope and his officers. The Sergeant-Major makes sure that all of Stanhope’s orders are carried out.