Life as We Knew It


Susan Pfeffer

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“Rachel” Character Analysis

The imaginary name that Miranda gives to her stepsister once she realizes Lisa’s due date has passed and she’s likely given birth. Miranda daydreams of conversations with her stepsister and a future in which they are together, healthy, and happy. Since they are cut off from phone communication and mail is no longer being delivered, Miranda has no way of confirming whether or not the baby has been born or what she was actually named.
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“Rachel” Character Timeline in Life as We Knew It

The timeline below shows where the character “Rachel” appears in Life as We Knew It. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 17
Currency, Commodities, and Value Theme Icon
Legacy Theme Icon
Perspective Theme Icon
...past and records her imaginings about the baby, who she’s pretending is a girl named Rachel. While Miranda has no guarantee that Lisa and Hal and the baby are even alive,... (full context)