Love Medicine

Love Medicine


Louise Erdrich

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Beverly Lamartine’s wife. Beverly is married to Elsa when he marries Lulu, and Lulu sends him back home to Minnesota to divorce Elsa immediately. Lulu sends her son, Gerry, with Beverly to make sure that he leaves Elsa, but neither Beverly nor Gerry ever come back. Erdrich never does reveal what ultimately happens to Elsa or Beverly.
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Elsa Character Timeline in Love Medicine

The timeline below shows where the character Elsa appears in Love Medicine. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Lulu’s Boys
Tribal Connection and Family Ties Theme Icon
Native Culture, Assimilation, and Racism Theme Icon
Love Theme Icon
...account of his father’s after-school study guides. Each night, Beverly goes home to his wife, Elsa. Elsa has never much wanted children, but Beverly “adores” her, and he is hoping that... (full context)
Native Culture, Assimilation, and Racism Theme Icon
Female Oppression and Strength  Theme Icon and goes to her bedroom, leaving the door open a crack. Beverly thinks about Elsa and his life back in Minneapolis. He loves Elsa and his life in the city,... (full context)