Love Medicine

Love Medicine


Louise Erdrich

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Love Medicine Symbols


Geese appear throughout much of Love Medicine, and they are symbolic of Chippewa love medicines as well as love and fidelity more broadly. Geese first appear when Nector goes up the hill to sell…

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June’s Rosary

After June’s mother dies, she arrives on Marie’s doorstep with no possessions, save for the clothes on her back and a rosary around her neck, which symbolizes Marie’s connection to June as well…

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Cars are repeatedly mentioned throughout Love Medicine, and they represent the deep connection between family members, as well as the assimilation of indigenous people by white America within the novel. After June’s death…

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The Plunge of the Brave

The Plunge of the Brave is the painting Nector sits as model for, and it symbolizes the racism that Native American people face, but, more specifically, it also symbolizes the negative representation of Native Americans…

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