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Daphne Character Analysis

Daphne is the beautiful daughter of a river god. When Cupid intervenes, Apollo falls madly in love with Daphne while she rejects love and men. Apollo chases Daphne through the woods. Daphne prays to her father, who transforms her into a tree so she can escape being raped. Apollo immortalizes the tree and later uses its leaves to crown heroes.
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Daphne Character Timeline in Metamorphoses

The timeline below shows where the character Daphne appears in Metamorphoses. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Book 1: Daphne
Love and Destruction Theme Icon
...and a lead one that repels passion. Cupid shoots Apollo with the gold arrow and Daphne, daughter of the river Penéus, with the lead arrow. Afterwards, Daphne avoids all suitors and... (full context)
Love and Destruction Theme Icon
By contrast, Apollo falls in love with Daphne and wants to possess her. Passion fills him like fire as he gazes at Daphne’s... (full context)
Love and Destruction Theme Icon
Daphne runs faster to escape Apollo. She looks even more beautiful running, and Apollo loses his... (full context)
Book 1: Io (1)
Gods and Humans Theme Icon
...rocky ravine where the river god Penéus rules. All the river nymphs gather to recognize Daphne’s transformation into a tree, except Ínachus, who is too upset over his missing daughter Io... (full context)