Mr. Pip


Lloyd Jones

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The daughter of Mr. Watts and Grace Watts, who dies at a very young age of meningitis. Mr. Watts says that when he looked at Sarah’s face he saw his “dead parents emerge,” though he himself had never known what they looked like. Still, he saw the “familiar geography” of his lineage “all muddled up” in her visage, mixed with Grace’s ancestry to create “a new world.” In his seven-night story, Mr. Watts calls upon his daughter’s mixed cultural identity to exemplify a real-life manifestation of hybridity.
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Sarah Watts Character Timeline in Mr. Pip

The timeline below shows where the character Sarah Watts appears in Mr. Pip. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 22
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...Grace’s wisdom, which she had clearly gleaned from her childhood on Bougainville. Not long after Elizabeth was born, though, she died of meningitis, sending Grace into an overwhelming depression. Desperate to... (full context)