Orphan Train

Orphan Train


Christina Baker Kline

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Donna Ayer / Molly’s Mother Character Analysis

Donna is Molly’s birth mother. She is white and comes from a low-income background. During Molly’s childhood, she worked at a mini-mart. She gave Molly presents and arranged fun activities, but her struggle with depression sometimes led to her neglecting Molly. After the death of Molly’s father, Donna developed a problem with drugs and ended up in jail. Molly soon lost contact with her.
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Donna Ayer / Molly’s Mother Character Timeline in Orphan Train

The timeline below shows where the character Donna Ayer / Molly’s Mother appears in Orphan Train. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 20: Spruce Harbor, Maine, 2011
Belonging and Connection Theme Icon
Self and Identity Theme Icon
Safety and Survival Theme Icon
Trauma and Loss Theme Icon
Secrets, Reality, and Illusions Theme Icon
...mother celebrated with ice cream sandwiches and a Sara Lee cake from the mini-mart where Molly’s mother worked. Her mom called Molly’s father repeatedly, angry that he hadn’t remembered. After Molly went... (full context)