Same Kind of Different as Me

Same Kind of Different as Me


Ron Hall and Denver Moore

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Same Kind of Different as Me: Chapter 58 Summary & Analysis

Denver continues his narration. Although he was happy to go to Rocky Top with Ron, Denver starts to feel uncomfortable around him now that Deborah is gone. When Ron shows him to his room, Denver can’t get comfortable in the bed and winds up laying awake on the floor for hours. As Denver is lying awake, he hears footsteps approach and then soft hands tuck the blanket around him. At first he is terrified, but his terror shortly gives way to a strange peace. He hears Deborah’s voice say clearly, “Denver, you are welcome in our home,” and when he opens his eyes, sees Deborah standing there “healed and beautiful.” She vanishes after a few seconds. Denver has been awake the whole time, so he believes it is a visitation. Comforted, he falls asleep.
This is the second miraculous visitation in the story. Like the other miracles, the reader may or may not believe that such things actually occurred. Regardless of what truly happened, however, the effect on Denver is the same. Deborah’s spirit or memory comforts Denver and reassures him that both she and Ron love him and want him to be there with them, helping Denver to understand that he is not an accessory to the family, but an equal member of it.
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