She Stoops to Conquer


Oliver Goldsmith

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Aunt Pedigree Character Analysis

Constance’s aunt who lives a two-hour drive from the Hardcastles. Mrs. Hardcastle intends to send Constance to Aunt Pedigree when she learns that Constance hopes to elope with Hastings, but Tony drives Constance and Mrs. Hardcastle in circles and they never arrive, so Aunt Pedigree never appears onstage. Aunt Pedigree’s name is suggestive of her role: she is meant to protect the family pedigree from marriages that do not get family approval.
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Aunt Pedigree Character Timeline in She Stoops to Conquer

The timeline below shows where the character Aunt Pedigree appears in She Stoops to Conquer. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Act 4
Mistakes and Deceptions Theme Icon
Courtship and Love Theme Icon
Parents and Children Theme Icon both Tony and Constance, Mrs. Hardcastle says she will send Constance off to her Aunt Pedigree , who will keep a strict watch over her. She leaves to give orders to... (full context)
Act 5
Mistakes and Deceptions Theme Icon
Parents and Children Theme Icon
Hardcastle approaches Tony and asks if he left Mrs. Hardcastle at Aunt Pedigree ’s. Tony answers that the women are safe at his aunt’s, and coughs loudly so... (full context)