Spare Parts


Joshua Davis

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Donald Rodocker Character Analysis

The president of SeaBotix, an ROV manufacturing company. Rodocker takes Oscar and Luis on a tour of his facility during a class field trip. He also allows Oscar to borrow a pincer prototype, which he is no longer using, for their competition. This allows them to complete the tasks in which they have to retrieve objects.
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Donald Rodocker Character Timeline in Spare Parts

The timeline below shows where the character Donald Rodocker appears in Spare Parts. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Underdogs and Overcoming Odds Theme Icon
...takes the students to SeaBotix, a San Diego-based ROV manufacturer, with the company president, Donald Rodocker. Rodocker takes the students into the laboratory to show off some of his latest vehicles. (full context)
Curiosity, Creativity, and Adventure Theme Icon
Rodocker shows them a robot called the LBV (little benthic vehicle), which is amazingly compact. Still,... (full context)
Underdogs and Overcoming Odds Theme Icon
Immigration, Prejudice, and the American Dream Theme Icon
Rodocker talks about some of the prototypes they’ve built of one feature of the LBV: its... (full context)