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Joshua Davis

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Lorenzo’s godfather. Hugo has set up a makeshift auto repair shop in his driveway, and Lorenzo cleans the tools for him. Hugo doesn’t have a lot of money or equipment, and so he must be creative in coming up with solutions to fix the cars. Lorenzo gets some of his ingenuity from watching Hugo work.

Hugo Quotes in Spare Parts

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The chief lesson Lorenzo learned was that it was important to be creative. Hugo wasn’t running a normal mechanic’s shop, with a wall full of tools and shelves filled with supplies. He had little money, a small set of hand tools, and his ingenuity. To survive, he had to come up with fresh ideas and adapt.

Related Characters: Lorenzo Santillan, Hugo
Page Number: 14
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Lorenzo felt his father didn’t have any respect for him, Hugo wouldn’t let him use the tools in the driveway, and the kids around school mocked him for his strange looks. Now a teacher was entrusting him with the lives of a handful of fish. To most people, it might not seem like a lot, but to Lorenzo it was unprecedented.

Page Number: 72
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After school, Lorenzo helps his godfather Hugo fix cars in the makeshift auto repair shop he has set up in his driveway.... (full context)