Station Eleven


Emily St. John Mandel

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Station Eleven: Chapter 16 Summary & Analysis

This short chapter is an excerpt of a transcript of an interview of Kirsten conducted by François Diallo in Year Fifteen. They talk about how exciting it is that a paper is being published after the collapse. As a librarian, François wants to collect an oral history of the collapse. And since he is a librarian, Kirsten asks if he has ever seen any other copies of the Station Eleven comic books, which, she tells him, were given to her by Arthur Leander.
The publication of a newspaper after the collapse represents a leap for humanity towards rebuilding civilization. Recording interviews meant to preserve the collapse seems to imply that something comes next, that some future civilization will want record of what occurred. Given Kirsten’s obsession with Station Eleven, it makes sense that she would ask François about any other copies.
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