Station Eleven


Emily St. John Mandel

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Station Eleven: Chapter 8 Summary & Analysis

This short chapter describes the comic books given to Kirsten by Arthur. They are called “Dr. Eleven, Vol. I, No.1: Station Eleven” and “Dr. Eleven, Vol. I, No.2: The Pursuit.” Kirsten has memorized the contents of both comics.
Kirsten has obsessed over the comics, which lend their title to the novel itself, so often that she now has each one completely memorized.
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In the comics, Dr. Eleven is a physicist living on a space station designed to resemble a small world. He has a dog named Luli. The comics are very high quality, most likely produced on a small scale, and created by someone named “M.C.” Kirsten cares for the comics and obsesses over them, as they are her prized possessions.
The comics are extremely important to the novel and to Kirsten personally. Opposing mass-produced Shakespeare, these high quality books were produced only in a limited number, making their survival into the post-collapse world very lucky.
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