Station Eleven


Emily St. John Mandel

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Station Eleven: Chapter 18 Summary & Analysis

In another excerpt from Kirsten’s interview in Year Fifteen, François asks about Kirsten’s origins as an actress. Kirsten says that she has some problems with memory. She remembers very little of life before the collapse. She says that after her brother died she was found by the Symphony in Ohio during a disastrous attempt at expanding their territory. They then discuss small towns, the danger of the world, and the threat and unpredictability that follow when a cult takes over a town.
Kirsten here reveals more details about her fragmented memory. Not only does she have no memory of Year One, but she also can’t remember much of her life during the height of civilization. Her brother’s death is, for the meantime, left unexplained. Such death and uncertainty make the world unpredictable, and susceptible for dangerous thinking. Such is the situation that enables cults, like the prophet’s, to take over towns.
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