Station Eleven


Emily St. John Mandel

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Kirsten Raymonde

Kirsten is eight years old when the Georgia Flu strikes. A child actor, she witnesses the onstage death of Arthur Leander during a production of King Lear the night before the pandemic breaks out. The… read analysis of Kirsten Raymonde

Arthur Leander

Arthur is an extremely successful actor who dies of a heart attack on stage the night of the Georgia Flu outbreak. During the production he was somewhat of a mentor to Kirsten, who witnesses… read analysis of Arthur Leander

Miranda Carroll

Miranda is the creator of the “Dr. Eleven” and “Station Eleven” comics that give the novel its title. She is an artist from Delano Island who, to support an abusive boyfriend, enters the corporate world… read analysis of Miranda Carroll

Tyler Leander / The Prophet

Tyler Leander is the son of Arthur Leander and Elizabeth Colton. He is raised in Israel by his mother away from his father. During the collapse, he lives in the Severn City airport and… read analysis of Tyler Leander / The Prophet

Jeevan Chaudhary

Jeevan is the paparazzo turned paramedic who attempts to save Arthur’s life after his heart attack and who comforts Kirsten after Arthur dies. Jeevan receives a phone call informing him of the upcoming epidemic… read analysis of Jeevan Chaudhary
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Clark Thompson

Clark is Arthur’s best friend. Once an aspiring actor along with Arthur, Clark’s career eventually leads him to become a job training executive in the years before the collapse. After the collapse he is… read analysis of Clark Thompson

Elizabeth Colton

Elizabeth is Arthur’s second wife and Tyler’s mother. She is a borderline alcoholic movie star, and believes that everything happens for a reason. This belief is put to the test and then reaffirmed… read analysis of Elizabeth Colton


August is one of Kirsten’s closet friends in the Traveling Symphony. He is the second violin and has only recently begun acting with the Symphony. He also writes poetry in secret. The child of… read analysis of August

Charlie (Charlotte Harrison)

Charlie (Charlotte Harrison) is the second cello of the Traveling Symphony and is a close friend of Kirsten’s and August’s. The three used to break into houses together, but Charlie and her husband… read analysis of Charlie (Charlotte Harrison)
Minor Characters
Jeremy (Sixth Guitar)
Jeremy is the sixth guitar in the Traveling Symphony and Charlie’s husband.
Jeremy and Charlie’s daughter.
An actor and friend of Kirsten, old enough to remember the world before the collapse in detail. He dies when captured by the Prophet.
An actor and Kirsten’s ex-boyfriend. He is captured along with Dieter, but survives.
Frank Chaudhary
Jeevan’s paraplegic brother. After the collapse, he kills himself because he believes it will give Jeevan a better chance of survival.
The Conductor
She ran the musical section of the Symphony before it merged with the acting troupe. She acts as the leader of the Traveling Symphony.
The Director (Gil)
Gil, the director, runs the Symphony along with the Conductor.
At age fifteen, she is the Symphony’s youngest actor. The Prophet asks the Symphony to leave her so he can take her as another bride.
A six-year-old girl in Year Twenty.
Eleanor is a young girl who stows away with the Symphony after they leave St. Deborah by the Water to avoid being forced to marry the Prophet.
A French musician whom Kirsten cannot stand. The Viola raids a school with Kirsten, August, and Jackson.
An actor with the Symphony.
The Boy
A young boy in the Prophet’s cult. He rejects the Prophet’s teachings and ultimately kills him before committing suicide.
The Clarinet (Sidney)
The Clarinet, named Sidney, is a musician with the Symphony. She is captured by the Prophet, but is able to escape and warn the others.
The Tuba
The Symphony’s tuba player.
The First Cello
The Symphony’s first cello player.
The Third Cello
The Symphony’s third cello player.
The Second Horn
The Symphony’s second horn player.
The Seventh Guitar
The Symphony’s seventh guitar player, with the note that the guitarists have a tradition of keeping their numbers even when someone leaves or dies.
The Fourth Guitar
The Symphony’s fourth guitar player.
The Oboe
The Symphony’s oboe player.
Pablo is Miranda’s abusive, failing-artist boyfriend.
Leon Prevant
Leon is Miranda’s boss at the shipping company.
Arthur’s best friend from home. She eventually stops returning his letters and eventually publishes them in “Dear V.”
The child wrangler responsible for Kirsten during the pre-collapse production of King Lear. She is sleeping with Arthur, who arranges to pay off her student debt in the days before his death.
François Diallo
François Diallo conducts the interview of Kirsten in Year Fifteen and publishes a post-collapse paper.
Hua is a doctor in Toronto who notifies Jeevan of the impending epidemic.
Lydia Marks
Arthur’s third wife.
Kirsten’s Brother (Peter)
Kirsten’s brother, named Peter, walks with her during Year One, until he steps on a nail and dies of infection.
Gary Heller
Arthur’s lawyer.
A pretentious woman from a dinner party who is featured in “Dr. Eleven.”
Jeevan’s wife after the collapse in McKinley.
Jeevan’s son, named after his brother.
Jeevan’s friend after the collapse in McKinley.
Jeevan’s girlfriend before the collapse.
Clark’s boyfriend before the collapse.
Walter Jacobi
A cardiologist who performs CPR on Arthur and calls his time of death at the beginning of the novel.
The local midwife in St. Deborah by the Water.
The man August and Kirsten encounter after being separated from the Symphony.
A TSA agent living at the Severn City Airport after the collapse. He knows how to hunt.
A man in the Severn City airport who pays for everyone’s Mexican food.
Lilly Patterson
The girl needing Effexor in the Severn City Airport.
One of the pilots stranded at the Severn City Airport.
A pilot stranded at the Severn City Airport. He flies out to do reconnaissance and look for supplies, but never returns.
A businessman stranded at the Severn City Airport.
A woman stranded at the Severn City Airport.
A schoolteacher from Chicago stranded at the Severn City Airport.
The first person to arrive at the Severn City Airport on Day One Hundred-One after the collapse.
Head of security at Severn City Airport after the collapse.
A woman Clark interviews before the Flu.
Dahlia’s boss.
A man Jeevan meets on the road after leaving Toronto. He is immune to the Georgia Flu.
A man Jeevan meets on the road after leaving Toronto.
A woman Jeevan meets on the road after leaving Toronto.
A girl from the Severn City Airport, the first born there after the collapse.
A man who comes to Jeevan for help in McKinley in Year Fifteen after his wife is shot by the Prophet’s men.
Dr. Eleven
The main character of Miranda’s “Station Eleven” graphic novel.
Captain Logan
Dr. Eleven’s mentor in Miranda’s comic book.
Miranda’s dog, the namesake of Dr. Eleven’s dog in the graphic novel and the Prophet’s dog after the collapse.
A friend of Clark's at the airport.