The Call of the Wild


Jack London

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The Call of the Wild Characters


A one hundred and forty pound, half St. Bernard, half Scotch shepherd mix, Buck is a proud, strong, and intelligent creature. After being kidnapped from his home in Santa Clara, California, he becomes a powerful… read analysis of Buck

John Thornton

An experienced gold miner and outdoorsmen, John Thornton is Buck's final owner and his ideal master. Thornton takes ownership of Buck when he saves him from Hal's brutal beating at White River. Thornton takes Buck… read analysis of John Thornton


An experienced and "swarthy” French-Canadian "half-breed,” François is a courier for the Canadian government, who teaches Buck to become a working dog. François and his sledding partner, Perrault, are wise and just masters. Not… read analysis of François


An American settler, Hal comes to the Klondike in search of gold and adventure with his sister, Mercedes, and her husband, Charles. Along with his relatives, he acquires Buck's sled dog team and… read analysis of Hal


A dog and an "experienced wheeler” on the mail run sled dog team, he instructs Buck in how to be a sled dog. Dave has an unaggressive, solitary, and brooding manner, but his main characteristic… read analysis of Dave
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The man in the red sweater

This dog trader and trainer beats Buck into submission following his release from a cage-like crate. By continually beating Buck with a club until he is subdued, the man in the red sweater teaches Buck… read analysis of The man in the red sweater
Minor Characters
Buck's rival for supremacy on François and Perrault's sled dog team. Spitz is not only an experienced sled dog, who has traveled throughout the Northland, but he is a ruthless and cunning animal who will do anything to preserve his power.
Also a French-Canadian mail driver, he is François' sledding partner. Along with François, he educates Buck in becoming a sled dog. Like François, he is portrayed as a just and fair master, whose speech is heavily accented.
Judge Miller
Buck's original owner, he owns the Santa Clara estate in California where Buck grows up and from which Buck is kidnapped. He is associated with the Southland, civilization, and its laws.
Hal's sister and Charles' wife, she is a selfish and materialistic woman disposed towards hysteria.
Like his wife Mercedes and brother-in-law Hal, he is an incompetent sledsman, disposed towards quarrelling and folly.
A friendly she-dog, whom Buck befriends early on, her life is cut short viciously when she naively approaches a larger husky, who rips her to shreds. Her death warns Buck of the savagery of the law of club and fang.
A she-dog who dies of madness, (rabies), on the trail.
A one-eyed dog whose name means "Angry One.” A solemn and moody animal, he does not like being approached on his blind side.
Billee and Joe
Two huskies Perrault acquires on the trail.
A gardener at Judge Miller's Santa Clara estate, he kidnaps and sells Buck to an unnamed dog trader in order to pay off his gambling debts and support his large family.
The Scotch half-breed
A courier of Scottish descent, he takes Buck and his team on a long and heavy mail delivery run. He shoots Dave to save him from a long and painful. Later, he sells Buck and his team to Hal, Charles, and Mercedes.
The Outsides
The six dogs that Hal acquires, including three short-haired pointers, a Newfoundland, and two "mongrels.”
The Insides
The remaining dogs of François and Perrault's sled team, who are sold to Hal. They include, Buck, Sol-leks, Billee, Joe, Koona, Teek, and Pike.
The "clever malingerer” of François and Perrault's sled team, who teaches Buck how to steal.
Teek and Koona
Two huskies acquired by François.
Skeet and Nig
Two of John Thornton's dogs.
Hans and Pete
John Thornton's travel companions.
Timber Wolf
The wild wolf that invites Buck into the woods.
"Black” Burton
A man whom Buck attacks while defending John Thornton in the bar at Circle City.
John Thornton's friend from whom he borrows money to cover Matthewson's wager.
The rich prospector who bets against John Thornton that Buck can't pull a one thousand pound sled load.
The Yeehats
The tribe of Indians that murder Thornton and ravage his camp. Buck kills them in retribution for Thornton's death.