The Call of the Wild


Jack London

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The Law of Club and Fang

The law of club and fang refers to the primitive law of nature that reigns in the Northland, which rules according to the necessities of survival in reference to both dog's relation to man and… (read full symbol analysis)

The Traces

The traces, which bind the sled dogs to their sleds, represent labor and service, pride in one's work, and the social hierarchy of the sled dog team. Under the traces' binding grip, Buck transforms… (read full symbol analysis)

The Southland v. The Northland

The Southland refers to California, specifically the Santa Clara Valley where Buck grows up. The Northland refers to the Alaska and the Klondike in the Canadian Yukon, where Buck comes of age. Together, they symbolize… (read full symbol analysis)

Caveman Visions

As Buck transforms over time into a wild dog, his visions of the caveman strengthen. The caveman represents dog's primordial master, but also alludes to Buck's yearning for his primeval past. In his final vision… (read full symbol analysis)

The Call

The call is a wild force that beckons Buck to immerse himself in nature. Though not represented by any single object, it is an energy often associated with songs and wolf howls. "Ancient song" and… (read full symbol analysis)

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