The Hiding Place


Corrie Ten Boom

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Annaliese Character Analysis

A young Jewish woman who hides at Nollie’s house. When the Gestapo raid the house and ask if Annaliese is a Jew, Nollie, unable to tell a lie, admits that she is. Corrie is angry with her sister for her insistence on following religious dogma to the letter, even when doing so puts Annaliese at risk. However, several days later Corrie finds out that Annaliese has been rescued during a resistance raid on the prison where she’s held. Corrie interprets this as evidence that God’s benevolence is at work even in events that seem like disasters.
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Annaliese Character Timeline in The Hiding Place

The timeline below shows where the character Annaliese appears in The Hiding Place. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Storm Clouds Gather
Faith and Action Theme Icon
Moral Choices Theme Icon In tears, Katrien wails that the Gestapo came to the house, where Nollie and Annaliese, another fugitive, were in the living room. When the Gestapo asked Nollie if Annaliese was... (full context)
Faith and Action Theme Icon
...pedals over to Nollie’s house. Everything looks normal outside, but a moment later Nollie and Annaliese appear, dragged by two men into waiting cars. That night Corrie learns that Nollie has... (full context)
Faith and Action Theme Icon
Moral Choices Theme Icon
...had betrayed another human being,” but Nollie relays the message that God will not “let [Annaliese] suffer because I obeyed Him.” (full context)
Faith and Action Theme Icon
Six days later, Pickwick calls and summons Corrie to his house. He tells her that Annaliese is free, having been liberated with forty other Jews during a rescue at the Amsterdam... (full context)