The Hiding Place


Corrie Ten Boom

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Tante Bep Character Analysis

Mama’s sister and Corrie’s aunt, who lives in the Beje for most of Corrie’s childhood. Prior to living with the family, Tante Bep was a governess, and she likes to reminisce about the privileges she enjoyed among wealthy families and to contrast her nieces’ behavior unfavorably to that of her former charges. As a young girl Corrie often worries that her aunt is unhappy, until Mama explains to her that Bep is a negative person by nature. Tante Bep fuels Corrie’s determination to maintain a positive and helpful attitude, no matter what circumstances arise.
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Tante Bep Character Timeline in The Hiding Place

The timeline below shows where the character Tante Bep appears in The Hiding Place. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
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Family Theme Icon
The sisters run downstairs to breakfast. Tante Bep chides them for being late—a former governess, she often compares her nieces’ behavior to her... (full context)
Faith and Action Theme Icon
...Corrie takes over the work of the household. Her presence is especially important because Tante Bep has contracted tuberculosis and Tante Anna, who normally runs the household, is nursing her around... (full context)
Faith and Action Theme Icon notice that she herself is basically a shut-in. Mama points out to Corrie that Bep is unhappy wherever she is. She only praises her former employers so highly because she’s... (full context)
Faith and Action Theme Icon
Family Theme Icon
Soon, Tante Bep dies. Mama and Tante Anna deal with their sadness by redoubling their charitable efforts, and... (full context)