The Laramie Project

The Laramie Project


Moisés Kaufman

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The Laramie Project: Act 3: Aftermath Summary & Analysis

Reggie Fluty talks about how she and investigator Rob Debree hugged and cried after Dennis Shepard’s statement, as did most other people in the courtroom. Rob Debree expresses his thankfulness that the case is over. Aaron Kreifels, the boy who found Matthew on the fence, says that, leaving the courthouse, he finally understood that God wanted him to find Matthew Shepard so he didn’t die alone. Matt Galloway says he is happy the case is over and that he found testifying very difficult.
As Reggie describes how the entire court cried after Dennis’s statement, it is clear that the moment served as a catharsis for the community. Meanwhile, Aaron Kreifels finds peace thanks to Dennis’s words about not wanting Matthew to die alone, believing that God led him to Matthew for that reason. Aaron seems to see God as a figure of love and empathy.
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