The Laramie Project

The Laramie Project


Moisés Kaufman

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Catherine Connolly Character Analysis

Catherine is a Laramie resident and a faculty member at the University of Wyoming. According to Catherine, she was the first openly lesbian faculty member at the college. Catherine attended Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson’s arraignment. After Matthew’s murder, Catherine felt unsafe in Laramie. Catherine and other LGBT Laramie residents’ experiences show the audience how profoundly hate crimes inspire fear in marginalized community and how they affect the way people live their daily lives.
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Catherine Connolly Character Timeline in The Laramie Project

The timeline below shows where the character Catherine Connolly appears in The Laramie Project. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Act 1: Easier said than done
Homophobia, Tolerance, and Acceptance Theme Icon
The narrator introduces Catherine Connolly , who calls herself the first “out” lesbian faculty member at the University of Wyoming.... (full context)
Act 2: The Essential Facts
Violence, Punishment, and Justice Theme Icon
...reporter states that Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson have been charged with assaulting Matthew Shepard. Catherine Connolly then describes how she walked from work to the arraignment. At the arraignment, there were... (full context)
Violence, Punishment, and Justice Theme Icon
Media and Community Theme Icon
...that the men had intended to rob Matthew’s home. As the judge’s voice fades out, Catherine Connolly says that she thinks everyone in the court was crying by the end of the... (full context)
Act 2: Live and Let Live
Homophobia, Tolerance, and Acceptance Theme Icon
...He then backtracks to say that clearly they do raise children like that in Laramie. Catherine Connolly talks about how the arraignment profoundly disturbed her and her feeling of safety. Jon Peacock... (full context)
Act 2: Seeing Matthew
Homophobia, Tolerance, and Acceptance Theme Icon
Religion, Morality, and Prejudice Theme Icon
...image out of his head. He wonders why God wanted Aaron specifically to find Matthew. Catherine Connolly describes her new feelings of fear walking down the street with her son. Meanwhile, bartender... (full context)